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Bring out the Chef in You as Glen introduces a revolutionary new product in the world of cooking with its efficient Glass Grill. This is a smart cooking appliance made for the people with smarter choices. Enjoy all your favorite exotic savory and make it more sumptuous, in just few minutes. This is a new magnificent grilling method over traditional grills discovered after a lot of research and tests, and is more safe and succulent.

No more waiting in long queues for a tasteful barbeque as you can simply cook them, as and when desired at your home. Glen Glass Grill has been designed for an easy operation and faster cooking. Conventional grilling methods have been a challenging task as they require a lot of patience and labor at your end to manage. Moreover cleaning these hefty and oil/ charcoal sticky equipments can give anyone a headache. Glen glass grill is a compact and stylish appliance which endorses effortless cooking and serves you with

  • A good health
  • A toothsome taste
  • An easy technique

So every time you grill your favorite delicacy you get a satisfied craving and a happier you.


With its high quality insulation and an efficient designed Carbon Fiber heating element, operation of this appliance is fast and economical. Due to the pore-free and sealed glass ceramic grilling surface, very minimal fat is required. Vitamins and minerals are not drawn out; foods retain their natural flavor and remain juicy and tender.

The Glen Ceramic Glass Grill is a multi-purpose glass grill and well suited for professional use in the catering trade, for example in snack bars and cafeterias, but are also exceptional for health minded households. Perfect for any grill appetizer be it french omelet, grilled chicken, paneer tikka, grilled fish etc. Introduce to your life a Teppanyaki style of cooking which means cooking and eating at the same place. You can straightaway start cooking sausages, carrots, potatoes, eggplant, corn, green bell peppers on the grill plate and enjoy eating them simultaneously.

Inspire a Healthy Cooking

Our modern hectic lifestyles have forced us to indulge into unhealthy tastes and thus making us more prone to health issues. But a modern man/ woman choose a healthy living over oily and junk options, and is endorsing a cooking which is oil free and yet satisfying to taste buds. Caring this concern Glen glass grill helps you to cook all your meals with less or no oil. So now say goodbye to your cholesterol and welcome a new healthy you. While you cook your non veg, the fat doesn’t drip off unlike old grills; in fact the flat bed glass uses that released fat as an oil medium to cook the same. This makes it possible to have a mellow and nutritive grilled chicken effortlessly. If your occupied schedule was making you compromise on your breakfast, now you can make a perfect French omelet or a dosa and never miss the most important meal of your day. This is a perfect substitute to your Gym plans, as you can make a mouth watering grill diet everyday and in minutes, be it smoked chicken salad or a grill fish.

A Modish Kitchen Accessory

This glen glass grill comes in a stainless steel body and a black colored German Schott Ceran (the best ceramic toughened glass available) which is scratch less even when scraped by stainless steel spatulas.

The flat bed shape and a dexterous compact design make it easy to carry and place. Unlike conventional heavy duty space taking grills, you can easily fit or position it at any point which has a power socket. The elegant finish makes it an unbeatable match to your modular kitchen. The outer handles are safe to touch and let you operate the appliance easily during cooking. It comes with a 12 setting temperature control knob for a better and uniform cooking uptil 250 degrees and with 1200 W infrared power. This overcomes the major drawback of traditional grills which often made us struggle with flames leaving the food or hand burnt. So, now grill a chicken or a steak as per your convenient controlled temperature. The scraper along with this product lets you change the position of the food timely and hence cooks it uniformly. Scrap out all the leftover oil or sticky food chunks onto the detachable and easy to clean spill tray.

Easy to Operate

Conventional grilling methods required a lot of preparations and a precise and careful handling of the equipment. The usual grills are heavy and almost need a detailed technical practice to start cooking over them first. Imagine you planned a barbeque get together at your place, and throughout the party you were occupied giving time in arranging coal, placing the grill right, pre-heating it up for hours, controlling flames, and watching over your food meticulously to avoid burning.

And then fades away the inspiration behind the barbeque fun as you realize that it was time taking and tiring process and you were so engrossed with the grill that you forgot to spend that quality time with your friends and family.

This Glen Glass Grill needs a switch to put it on, a small comfy place to position it and since it heats up faster and is controlled, you can start cooking your food in minutes. Now give all your valuable time to your loved ones and throw the best of the barbeque sessions every day.

Safety Standards

Do you regret all those grill parties you missed because of your worry upon your kids playing around those exposed flames? Glen glass grill is 100% safe method, as it uses the infrared technology to heat up the ceramic glass, and since it is easy to handle and you can anytime keep it out of the reach of children. Since you can control the temperature it is never scalding hot and thus makes it safer for you as well. Thus, using of electric glass grill, you will neither be burnt by the flying up ash and you will not worry about the coke fire being extinguished by the water droplets from some vegetables.

Easy to Clean

The conventional grills are not only technically difficult to operate but also require a huge effort to clean. Wait for the hot charcoal/grill to cool down and then plan a precise cleaning process. Glen glass grill values your time and gives you an easy to clean method. Once you are through with cooking the food, just pour water over heated glass and it is ready to be reused. You can even wipe the glass with any normal dishwashing liquid and a sponge later on.

Energy Saver

A smart homemaker tries all the best possible ways to save money and use it wisely. By bringing Glen glass grill home, you have taken a savior decision as this uses less electricity as compared to other electric grills. The vertical infrared technique helps to spread heat uniformly and cooks the food deeper. Since its high efficient heating method serves you with hot food in just minutes, you obviously save on your electricity bill. Remember money saved is money earned.


Glen glass grill uses no coke and burns no oxygen in the cooking process. The food is prepared with the safe infrared technology and thus it doesn’t emit any toxic fumes unlike usual grills. So there are no chances of you getting exposed to flames, carbon dioxide or suffocating smoke. This makes it 100% safe to environment by creating no pollution or emitting any chemical.

Pocket Friendly

You can avail this amazing appliance at a very cost effective price of at Rs. 7000/- ONLY IF YOU SHOP FROM GOGIA BARTAN STORE ALSO GET A TWO year warranty,. Glen glass grill is surely the best deal to grab right away. 

Why Glen Glass Grill is the Right Choice?

Glen glass grill any day is a smarter option over conventional grills, as it is easy, compact and lets you cook in leisure. The high efficient infrared heating method not only heats the glass quickly in fact you can also enjoy a proper cooked barbeque. The carbon fiber tubes inside the grill operate at 1200 W and thus this directly transfers the heat to the food rather than preheating the glass and then glass to heat the food. The food preparation is simple and effortless. Cook your chicken steak directly on the ceramic glass at the right temperature which goes up till 250 degrees and cooks food much faster and proper. Charcoal grills often present you a pungent food and may be the excess smoke can make the taste even bitter. In case of other electric grills the food prepared on cheap Teflon plates often mix the other unwanted chemicals which makes them more harmful.

No more extra layers of oil, no more hassled operating of the equipment and no more burnt food, these entire features make Glen glass grill an easy appliance. The heavy duty structure of traditional grills often make them better placed outside, but Glen glass grill is a portable appliance with an elegant finish and modish design. You can simply keep it at any place with a power socket without worrying about your décor to be interrupted with any old junked looking equipment at your home. Since it emits no fumes and toxins, on a bad weather day it can be easily used indoors. Everything about this product is all about safety and healthy taste, thus making it a modern necessity. A dynamic and opulent appliance with exquisite features is what Glen Glass Grill is about. So don’t wait and buy a perfect answer to all your Grill & Barbeque myths and brag about this new and uber-cool contemporary gadget at your place.


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