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How Safe Are These Types Of Cookware?

There are sometimes no clear boundaries with cookware and what is safe and what is not, Of course there are some types of cookware that are always going to be much better than others but there are other factors that will need to be taken into account when making a statement about how safe something is to use when you are cooking.

Is Aluminium Cookware Safe

Most of the modern aluminium cookware that you find today will have some sort of coating on it, whatever form this coating takes it acts as a seal between food and the actual aluminium.

While this layer is intact there you are all good, it is when you expose the aluminium then you can start to get some of the metal being leached into your food.

as with many things in life the middle ground is often the most sensible route to go. If you are using aluminum cookware you should be taking care not to scratch the coating, if this does happen then you should consider disposing of that pot or pan.

Is Stainless Steel Cookware Safe?

The short answer to this is … Yes, it is safe. There is no coating on this type of cookware, you are cooking on a surface that is inert and so will not chemically react.

How Well Do These Two Types Of Cookware Conduct Heat

Each metal will have its own properties, this will, in turn, affect how they conduct heat. lighter metals like aluminium tend to be better conductors of heat and so when you are cooking with cookware made or containing aluminium then they are going to heat up very fast. This rapid heat transfer helps to spread out the heat from the base super fast and the end result is that you get a more even heat. This also means that a skilled cook will have a lot better control over the temperature of the pan as the effects of the adjustments are super fast

Stainless steel is not a great conductor of heat and so will take a lot longer heat up evenly then say aluminium will but because of the difference in weight, it will hold heat for longer. Aluminium actually has a higher heat capacity than steel but because it is so light it does not hold it.

So you have one metal that is super fast and conducting heat and the other that is way better at holding heat.

The Best Of Both Worlds – 3-Ply Construction, THE TRIPLY

One of the things that make stainless steel such a good option is that cookware manufacturers have managed to find a way around the weakness of both aluminium and stainless steel cookware.

Combining Both In Layers To Get Something Even Better

This is where the term tri-ply. This is the layering of stainless steel with Aluminum comes from. You get a base that is both solid, sturdy and can be used on any cooking surface and very good at conducting heat fast and evenly. If you are looking at buying stainless steel cookware then this is the route that you should be taking.




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